Stealing the honey

We couldn’t wait any longer to taste our home-grown honey, so we selected one frame from the full super.

Because there are still bees on the frame Brian made a box to put the frame in with a porter bee escape fitted at the top. This little plastic device allows the bees to escape from the box but they can’t get back in. Fjällräven Kanken Tienda When we were sure all be bees had buzzed off, Backpack we took out the frame and prepared to scrape off the wax and the honey.

Brian cutting off the capped white waxy bits.

Scraping off the honey from the frame into a sieve to avoid any waxy bits getting through.

Three pots of dark, Mochilas Fjällräven Kanken Tienda luscious, runny Queen’s Park honey. internationalist And how does it taste? It’s a strong, rich taste,

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  1. Geoff

    I am sure if you joined a local Beekeeping Association, they would have a Club extractor you could have used – and made your job a hec of a lot easier! Info on local clubs at your library, or go to
    Beekeeping? You are in for a GREAT time!
    Fleet & District BKA. Hants.

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