Bumblebees in late November

A colleague just told me that he had a fright on Saturday night when he hard a noisy buzzing sound coming from his right shoulder. tn He run into the garden, EspaƱa pulled off his jumper in a panic (he is not a beekeeper) and shook the jumper until a large bumblebee fell to the ground. It was sunny during the day in London, soldes so I assume she’d be lured out of her nest by the warm rays and then ended up in his house later attracted by the central heating. cheap fjallraven kanken Backpack She would obvioulsy die from the cold after being shaken from my colleagues jumper, roshe run so this mild weather can’t be good for the bumblebee population. dunk Yet bees have been around for millions of year and this can’t be the only warm November they’ve experienced.

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