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Red mason bees

Red mason solitary bees

Buff tailed bumblebee on scabious

Buff tailed bumblebee on bind weed

Buff tailed bumblebee on foxglove

Red Mason Bees

Looking through a National hive. Speeded up.

Waggle dance on a swarm of bees clustered on a branch waiting to find their new home.

I came across this swarm on a fence post as I was attending a course at Blackhorse Apiaries near Woking. Since the swarm was on a post the easiest way to collect it was by using a suction device. It worked really well and no bees were harmed.

Here we have a video of a queen walking around one of our frames.

Our mini documentary piece we did for the Guardian

I set the camera on the entrance to a National. 32 seconds of bees coming in and out. Nothing more but there is something captivating about it.

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