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map of hive locations

Is there a beekeeper near me?

We are regularly asked if we know about land to keep bees on, if there are mentors nearby or novices close to me to team up with.

This has led us to create a way of mapping the locations of existing and aspiring beekeepers.

The 'Hive Talking' map has different coloured markers identifying people who want to offer their land and for people who want to learn - wannabees.

If you are already a beekeeper and are willing to show new comers what a colony looks like you could mark the location of your hive and include contact details.

Or if you want to be a beekeeper and are looking for a someone near you to team up with place a marker in the map with your contact details.

There are two maps one for entering your location and one for viewing the map with all the locations.

Enter your details by clicking here.

View map with the locations in place here.

Give it a try.

Email us on info@urbanbees.co.uk if you have an questions..

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