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Are you an aspiring beekeeper looking for other beekeepers in your area or are you someone with land who would like to host a bee hive? If so, then 'Hive Talking' is for you. You can find out who else in your area is interested in beekeeping and mark on your own location to help others find you.

Beekeeper – I’m a beekeeper looking for land to keep my hive.Beekeeper Aspiring beekeeper – I’m interested in keeping bees and am looking for support.Aspiring beekeeper Hoster – I have land that I would be happy to have a hive on.Hoster Supplier – I am a supplier of beekeeping equipment.Supplier Beekeeper offering training – I’m a beekeeper who is offering training.Beekeeper offering training
1. Zoom in and out of the map by double clicking, using the mouse wheel or using the controls.
2. Drag the map using your mouse or the controls on the map.
3. Click on a marker on the map to get more information.
4. Enter your own marker by clicking this link.

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Data Protection: This map service is being provided by Urban Bees Ltd. Urban Bees Ltd will only use the information collected on this page to place a marker on the map. If you would like to remove a marker you have placed on this map please email The data you enter is public which means anyone will be able to see it. We follow the code of practice set out by the Information Commissioner’s Office.