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Bees to see in August

Bees are one of nature's wonders. Over 250 different UK bee species pollinate plants as they collect their food and only the honeybee make delicious honey. Bees may do well in cities due to the variety of trees and flowers. They eat only pollen and nectar obtained from the plants.

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To get a swarm or bees in your property moved contact Swarm Collector

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Rooftop rewilding

Climate and nature are intertwined. We can’t mitigate climate change without restoring nature so it can provide some of the solutions. Planting city roofs with bee-friendly flowers, shrubs and trees that bloom sequentially year-round, and installing bee hotels and other nesting sites, is a local and tangible way to restore nature for wild bees and other pollinators, and to increase biodiversity.

Our blog gives more details on how we can help to rewild your rooftop.

Read our document on roof top gardens.

Download our document on how we can work with your business.


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Bee Tours 2022

We are running bee spotting walks in Regent’s Park.

Come and learn how to identify wild bumblebees and solitary mining bees and flower bees foraging in the park, or test your bee ID skills.

We will also visit a secret apiary and taste the delicious honey made by the resident honeybees.

More details and to book a place here

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The Good Bee

Our book 'The Good Bee' is available now. You can buy a signed copy from us or it is available at all the usual booksellers.

Share our fascination for the vital role 20,000 bee species play in nature, their relationship with us throughout history, the threats they face and how we can help them, in this beautifully illustrated book to treasure.

Buy a signed copy of our book

The Good Bee Book Image

Alison's radio interview

Listen to Alison on BBC Radio 4 Today programme talking about solitary bee hotels.

Listen here

Alison Benjamin Ted X Warwick
Watch our talk at TEDxWarwick.

DEFRAs 'Call to Action'

Food for bees and pollinators

Trees and plants are the source of bee's food.

Click here to see our Trees for Bees and Plants for Bees lists

Bee Map

Our map shows the location of land available for beekeepers, beekeeping supplies and people running courses.

Click here to see our Bee Map


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