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Flat-pack Bee Hotel

Our solitary bee hotel is designed for mason bees and leafcutter bees to check-into and lay their eggs in spring and summer.

It is supplied as a flat-pack with 5 x FSC wooden pieces, glue, nails, bamboo tubes and instructions for assembly.

The bee hotel comes with information on:

  • • where to locate it
  • • how to overwinter it
  • • the bees' lifecycle
  • • nectar and pollen-rich flowers to feed them.

These wild, solitary bees are docile and safe around children and pets. They are vital pollinators and require dark, dry cavity tubes to nest in. More about solitary bees here

Our bee hotel costs £20 including postage and packaging. Sent by Royal Mail to UK only.

flat pack ready for making

Bee Hotel assembled

Leafcutter bee

Red mason bee

instruction diagram

The cost of the BeeBox is £20.00 (including post and packaging)

Your BeeBox will be sent to you by Royal Mail. (UK only)


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