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Mansion House Bees

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Harry, who looks after the bees on the Mansion House, has been transferred to Milan for a while, so Josh and Jonathan from Canopius, with help from David and Paula from SEB, have taken on the bees until Harry gets back.

First inspection last week found a thriving colony, a couple of weeks ahead of both the Canopius and SEB hives. The queen is laying furiously and the workers are bringing back large quantities of pollen and nectar.

This week we have added a tray of Apiguard as we weren’t sure on the pre-winter treatments. We found plenty of brood on 7 frames, with only one frame untouched, they are starting to draw out the penultimate empty frame. There is also drone brood dotted around on about 4 frames.  Not too long till we start seeing queen cells I think.

We aim to start the bailey change next week and we may even have to add the first super, we’ll let you know.

Jonathan & Josh

The hive and Poultry in the background

The bees heading for their "back-door" under the warped crownboard