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Canopius Bees – First Inspection of 2011

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Charles, Sally and I had a quick look at the bees on Friday 4th Feb at about 13.00 to check stores and a quick check on how many bees we had; we had just under 10 mins with the lid off.

We have a brood box on top of a super, we didn’t check the super.

In the brood box we have the nest on 4 frames, almost nothing on the 2 outside frames and about 75% stores (1 full side and at least half on the other) on the next 4 (2 either side)

I moved the 2nd frame from both sides in to either side of the 4 frame nest. It was too windy to take the time to check any of the nest frames for brood. The bees were nicely sluggish but there was plenty of movement and several starting to investigate us towards the end of the inspection.

We took some photos which we’ll post when we have downloaded them.

We had a good reminder to check suits for stowaways after inspections after a solitary bee decided to check out the office by clinging to my suit as we went back inside. Luckily we discovered her before she got too far and escorted her outside after she failed to produce a security pass.

It was high cloud, reasonably windy with some strong gusts and the temp was about 11-12C