Woman’s Hour Radio 4

Bees in the City is officially published today and Alison was interviewed by the great Jenni Murray on Woman’s Hour this morning about urban beeekeeping. Fjallraven Kanken Big Sale You can listen to it here. Fjallraven Kanken Cheap Emphasised that you don’t have to keep honeybees to save bees, Mochilas Kanken Infantil just have a pile of leaves for bumblees to make their nest and attach bamboo canes to a sunny wall for solitary bees to lay their eggs. Fjallraven Kanken Sale Thought she’d ask if men and women took different approaches to beekeeping and when’s the best age to get children involved, nike femme but she seemed more concerned about the neighbour’s kids getting stung. Mochilas Kanken Big Oh well,

Co-op 2011

This year’s cohort of Co-op sponsored London beekeepers – as part of the company’s Plan Bee campaign – are at their early stages of hands on beekeeping.

The nucs arrived 2 weeks ago and the group are getting to grips with handling the frames and the bees.

Our Tuesday night session was all about finding those elusive eggs and young larvae.

Having a torch really helps to see in the dark honeycomb.

Busy bees

It’s been a busy old month with our bees swarming, and swarming and swarming! Luckily we’ve managed to catch the queen a couple of times and put her back in the hive so after an hour or so of frenzied activity the bees have come back. Fjallraven Kanken Backpack It’s certainly one way to get to know your neighbours. nike air max tn The ones who where around on our estate last Sunday when a swarm decided to head for the shady side of the tower block instead of the plan tree they usually head for, were fascinated by the bees and some came into our garden to look at the hive.

In addition to the swarming season, we began two hands-on training courses in May: the six week course on Wednesday evenings in Battersea and the summer-long course in King’s Cross funded by the Co-op. nike air max 1 Both are going well. We’ve got two hives for the Battersea students, some of whom have graduated from the one day taster course we were running in the autumn/winter. At Camley Street Natural Park, the bees just arrived this week so the class helped transfer the nucs into the four hives which form the training apiary. nike air huarache avis It was great for them to finally handle bees after a couple of weeks of theory classes. The 20 aspiring apiarists have all been supplied with hives, smokers, suits and hive tools by the Co-op and should get their own bees by the end of June. nike internationalist Until then they’ll be getting the hang of handling the bees and hive inspections at the training apiary once a week.

As for the City of London festival, the sites have now all be chosen and the bees are excepted very soon.

Bees are collecting pollen

It such a great sight. nike mercurial Pollen on the back legs of the bees. acheter chaussures nike Even better when it is Feb and only 10 degress. nike air max 95 The pollen was a very brigh white colour. Fjallraven Kanken Sale Not a huge amount coming back but at least they were finding something. basket nike tn Does anyone know what it might be. nike femme pas cher My pollen chart says Hazel pollen is white and the http://tinyurl.com/c9todd says maple is light.

Taster course at Camley Street

We ran a half day beekeeping taster course at Camley Street this morning. nike air max 90 It was funded by the Co-operative Group and was for people who tried to get onto the summer course but were unsuccessful. It was intended to give some initial knowledge about beekeeping and was modelled on the 1 day beginners’ course we run in Battersea, south London. Fjallraven Kanken Big Around 20 people turned up and they all seemed to learn a lot.

Three hours isn’t long to give people a flavour or what beekeeping entails – but they went away knowing more about how a colony works, what’s in a hive, and the many things you need to consider when taking up beekeeping.

Ann, who comes along on a Tuesday night for the summer C0-op course we teach, popped in to give participants a first-hand account of what it’s like to be a new beekeeper. Fjallraven Kanken Sale UK “You get very attached to your bees,” she told them. Mochilas Kanken España Do you talk to your bees? asked one. nike air max 2018 “Yes, she replied.

DEFRA’s news on varroa

Published on Wednesday 22 December 2010 at 9:30am

Bee and varroa mite

Scientists may be able to halt global honey bee losses by forcing the deadly Varroa mite, nike air max 2017 lethal in the freezing weather, soldes air max pas cher to self destruct.

The blood-sucking Varroa is the biggest killer of honey bees world-wide, nike air max tn having developed resistance to beekeepers’ medication. nike tn It is particularly destructive in winter as depleted colonies do not have enough bees huddling together to keep warm.

See more at this DEFRA link.

London has 20 new beekeepers

Finally, the 20 trainees on the Co-op-funded beekeeping course at Camley Street Natural Park in King’s Cross are each the proud owner of a colony of honeybees. nike blazer

The hives had been lovely assembled as homework some weeks ago and were patiently waiting (along with the trainees) in gardens, backyards and allotments across the capital for their new occupants. Fjallraven Kanken Big Sale There were no shortage of trainees willing to make the trip out to Surrey last week to pick up the 10,000 bee-strong colonies from the supplier I arranged to buy them from at the beginning of the summer. nike air huarache In the end, three people met me in hatchbacks and then distributed the bees in their respective areas of London.

After months of diligently attending the Tuesday night course to learn both the theory and the practical stuff at the four hives on site, how did it feel to actually have bees at home? Were they prepared?

Esther said: “I was so excited I nearly popped!” when her bees arrived in darkness. Fjallraven Kanken Backpacks Sale UK Her partner carried them onto the north London allotment where they will live. nike air max 1 “I love them already” she added. nike air max 90 homme The following evening she had a small welcoming ceremony for her bees with family and friends and a local beekeeper which included bee poems and thanks to the Co-op and myself for giving her this wonderful opportunity to keep bees.

Volker, whose bees ended their journey from Surrey on the back of his bike, are now happily located in a city farm in east London.