Queen on the outside of the hive

I enjoy watching the comings and goings of our bees and occasionally have the time to spend a few moments at the side of the hive examining the bees for the type of pollen they are carrying and generally enjoying their activities but yesterday I was surprised to see the queen walking around the outside of the hive.
Surprised is understating my reaction it was more of a shock but I managed to stay calm enough to gather her up and place her on the landing board. The reaction from the other bees was favourable and after having a chat with two or three of them she wandered into the darkness of the hive seemingly quite happy.
So what was going on there I asked myself. I can think of only two explanations; 1. She was returning from a mating flight – but she had no drone parts attached to her body, 2. She was about to leave on a mating flight.
What I want to do now is have a look through the brood box and see if I have a laying queen. If not then maybe this could explain why the queen was outside.
Comments most welcome.

One thought on “Queen on the outside of the hive

  1. Sara

    That’s a good tip about not using an extractor. I have taken a cloupe foundationless frames and created some cut comb honey for friends and family. I’ll post some videos of that soon.

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