Newcastle bees

I’m going to Scotswood Natural Community Garden in Newcastle tomorrow. Newcastle featured strongly in Bees in the City because the council was leading an initiative to make the city bee-friendly. When I went up to research the book, Scotswood had just got European funding for 6 hives on its 2 acre site and to offer free beekeeping classes. It will be fascinating to see how it’s going. Is urban beekeeping as popular in the north-east as it is in London? Do they face the same challenges and how are their bees coping with this wet summer? They have a good blog about their bee project with useful information about bee-friendly plants.¬†They’ve asked me to speak about urban beekeeping but I’ve got lots of questions to ask them. I’m really looking forward to seeing the garden. It sounds similar to the wonderful Camley Street Nature Park in King’s Cross where we keep our bees.

I am also going to meet up with Geraldine Wright from Newcastle University to find out how her research into the nutritional value of different pollens is going.

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