Where’s the boyfriend when you need him?

June 6, morning – weather has been glorious for the last few days. I receive an unexpected call on my mobile informing me that Roots and Shoots (the ecological centre where we went on our one-day bee keeping course) have a swarm of bees. Do I want them. If so, can I let them know whether or not I can pick them up, that evening. Help! of course I want them but I’d expected Brian to be here and to be honest I don’t know if I’m up to the job on my own. After much deliberation, I call and explain my predicament and ask if they know anyone who lives in my vicinity who’d be willing to lend a hand. They give me a number of a guy who went on the same course as myself. He is terrified by my suggestion. All he can offer is good luck. I then contact the London Beekeepers’ Association, which I’d joined a few months earlier for this very reason. After numerous emails and telephone messages the chair, who rather fortuitously lives in Acton, agrees to show me how to transfer the bees from their travelling container to my empty hive. Relieved, I call Roots and Shoots and arrange an early evening pick up.

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