First sting!

Can you believe it more than a year after I started this beekeeping malarkey I got my first bee sting right in the head. Luckily Brian – who must have had a least a dozen stings by now as he’s far too macho to wear gloves or socks when opening the hives- didn’t have the video camera to hand because I didn’t handle it very well. In fact, I screamed and screamed. I’m sure you would have done if a bee had got caught in your very thick, long, curly hair. The reason I wasn’t wearing my bee suit was because I was just standing in our small garden in Battersea at the time. Unfortunately, however, I was in the bees’ flightpath. I could hear the bee buzzing but there was nothing I could do to get her out of my hair. No amount of shaking would work; probably just made her dizzy and angry. While Brian was trying to find her amongst my locks, I felt a piercing sensation, like a sharp pin prick. A few seconds later he pulled her out. If you thought I had it bad, she was dismembered. Half her abdomen was still attached to the sting she’d deposited in my head. She would die very soon afterwards, whereas I took an antihistamine and just had a wee bump the following day. Thankfully, no anaphylactic shock to report. It wasn’t so bad. I have been told that rubbing an onion onto a bee sting reduces the swelling but in this case not ideal for the hair. Weather’s perked up last few days. Hoping for some honey by the end of month.
You’ll see that this entry is officially posted by myself. Although I’ve posted at least half the entries on this site (remember Brian was away when I first got the bees last June) we’ve been doing it all under one name. Though it was time I had my own log on…

One thought on “First sting!

  1. Brian

    This was actually a nuc box on top of a healthy nuc.
    The bees had built the comb from the bottom up.

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