3 thoughts on “Wolff Olins Bees

  1. Stuart Robertson

    The Honey has been going down a storm in the kitchen, it has a wonderful Elderflower taste,will be interesting to see if the taste of later honey will be different.

  2. Brian Post author

    I am so glad we did manage to get some honey. It is such a wonderful event when the first honey is tasted.

  3. jane riddiford

    It is incredible to see how in the space of a month the hives have developed totally different characters, and yes as Brian says one hive is vey feisty, and the other much more gentle but now without a queen.

    It is a temendous learning experience for all of us – adults and young people from Global Generation. Each week Brians colourful stories illuminating the science of bees become a reality as we eagerly peer inside our beautiful cedar hives to record the amount of nectar, larvae, capped brood and honey. This week there was enough honey for a mini harvest and we also discovered about six queen cells on one of the frames. So it looks like there’s a battle ahead, as they work out which one will rule the hive.

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