Capital Bee’s Wednesday’s 23rd session.

Before going out to look at the bees we had a chat about swarming and supercedure. Fjallraven Kanken Cheap Nice article on supercedure and queen cells here
I swapped a couple of the groups so that they would have a chance to see the difference between a new nuc colony and an established colony.
Hive 1 is coming along well.
Hive 2 had more queen cells. nike air max tn Since the queen was seen as well as eggs and young larvae we decided to tear down all the queen cells. Fjallraven Kanken UK We can then have a look next week to see what’s going on then. nike internationalist Next weke may take the queen away and put her in a nuc box and let the colony develop a new queen.
Hive 3 strong and busy.

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