Brian McCallum – poster boy!


The results of that photo shoot at Camley Street on a cold January day can now be seen on the back page of today’s Guardian. The Co-op has made Urban Bees ’saving bees in central London’ a main plank of its new join the revolution campaign.   Bit of a shock to see myself that big, but if it helps raise more awareness about bees it’s all to the good.


And look out for a new TV series about British food, The Great British Food Revival,  starting on Wednesday 9 March, on BBC2. During the six week run, celeb chef Ainsley Harriott will be speaking to myself and one of the Co-op’s new urban beekeepers Melanie Lenz about honey in London.

2 thoughts on “Brian McCallum – poster boy!

  1. Nick Andrew

    Dear Brian,
    I think what you are doing is brilliant. I live in London, but grew up in semi country side so am a country boy at heart and have a great love for nature and the beauty of ecosystems. But it wasn’t until I read Darwin; in particular, a chapter in which he describes his ‘geometrical rate of increase’ and the importance of certain species in any given environment, that I realised how important a healthy ecosystem is. I hadn’t thought that the removal of a single species could spell disaster. I currently work in a foundry as a metal worker on bronze sculptures, but am looking for a way out. I am considering various options. One is learning to make cheese to sell in farmers markets and I think that honey could be a good thing to sell along side the cheese.

    Whould appreciate your thoughts on this idea. If you think that bee keeping for profit is not viable option I would still like to consider it as a hobby with a conscience.

    Any thoughts gratefully received,

    Kind regards, Nick

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