Hive located

Early May – we decide to locate the assembled hive at the back of the garden. Brian starts to assemble the 11 frames on which the queen will lay her eggs and the worker bees will deposit the pollen and nectar on which the larvae will feed. I start reading the bee book so that I have some idea what to do when the first 10,000 bees arrives.

After a short spell of good weather I expect a call to say there is a swarm waiting for us. No call comes. Although it’s been an unseasonably cold and wet May, I assume that if the bees haven’t arrived before Brian leaves for Cape Town on the 22nd then they won’t.

One thought on “Hive located

  1. Melissa

    Hello A and B, just read through this. Alison very brave – not sure I could have driven home with a car full of escaping Bees. How long until you can extract the Honey?

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