New home for New Cross bees

Sunday was the day we chose to move a hive in New Cross, London. It was bright but cold and the bees were all inside keeping warm. We moved the hive from the back garden of one of our new beekeepers to a lovely community garden in Besson Street

We think they will be very happy there.


2 thoughts on “New home for New Cross bees

  1. Brian Post author

    Some colonies are more defensive than others. It’s just a ‘personality’ difference. They don’t bite just sting more readily.

  2. Annette DeHate

    What ARE Cross Bees? My brother talks about them not having stingers but they bite. Is this true? Do they still produce an allergic reaction in some people? Do they still produce honey? Can we buy them? Hoping you answer…Thank you if you do!


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