City of London bees arrive

This week we’ll be giving bees a home on some of the City of London’s most iconic landmarks. Yes, the bees from Shropshire will be arriving  just in time for the City Of London’s annual festival which kicks of  on 21 June.  St Paul’s Cathedral, Middle Temple gardens, the Musuem of London and the Lloyds building are just some of the places where the  hives will be located. Urban Bees is working with the City of London festival to make sure the hives are located in the best place for both honeybees and the public, to help harvest the honey during the summer, and most importantly to train aspiring apiarists at each site to become responsible beekeepers so that the hives are sustainable.  We think it’s going to be a  real adventure and a great way to keep raising awareness about the vital role honeybees play in the environment.

The BBC and National Trust seem to be doing a great job on this front with its Bee Part of  it! campaign, launched last month.

The work we are doing with the Co-op in Camley Street in King’s Cross got a mention on BBC Two’s Working Lunch programme on 8 June and on the Naked Scientists on local BBC radio last Sunday- now on a podcast so you can listen to it here.

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