Our bees are flying

The bees don’t like the cold but with the bright sunny day we had yesterday our Battersea bees were eager for a breath of fresh air and they took to the air for a short flight. We were pleased we saw them since I have heard from others who mentioned that their colonies had died over the cold winter. It looks like our Battersea bees had enough honey stores to see them through this part of the winter. Still a few weeks to go before it is over and the queen is laying more and more eggs from now on which will mean more food will be required to feed the little critters.

2 thoughts on “Our bees are flying

  1. Deb

    Hello from Canada. I was just wondering what you feed to your bees – sugar syrup or honey. If you want to maintain strong colonies, raw honey (that you know is from a safe source) is best. We humans could not survive on sugar and water and still expect to be healthy, right?
    Think like a wild bee and you’ll never go wrong (and they’ll thank you for it).

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