Urban beekeeping in the news

One our pupils who came on a taster course earlier in year, was featured by AFP as a new breed of London beekeepers. Jon told the reporter that a one day course on urban beekeeping had set him on the right path.

Well done Jon, keep up the good work.

Our course in September went down really well.

Here are some comments:

“Just a note to say thanks so much for yesterday, it was great! I really enjoyed the whole day – the information, the lunch and meeting the bees. It was lovely to meet you too!”

“Just wanted to say thanks again for Sunday. I’ve been reading my bee books again and it all makes much more sense now. I was interested in keeping bees before but am now definitely planning to make a start next spring. I’ll certainly recommend Urban Bees to anyone I know who’s interested in learning more.

One thought on “Urban beekeeping in the news

  1. Jon Harris

    Jon Harris here, the man in the AFP filming ! Yes i can confirm that the one day course did set me on the right path and gave me the confidence, after thinking about it for years, to start to bee keep. The support and help I have had off Brian and Alison has been great. I hve now completed my first 6 months and I am 30lbs of honey better off and i have got a very calm and productive hive. Thanks both.

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