February Snow

The garden looks beautiful with a rare white covering but the bees won’t see it. No excursions for them in these sub zero temperatures. They’ll be huddled together keeping it a tropical 33c in the hive. The layer of snow on the roof may help to insulate their home. Hope their bladders last out until warmer weather arrives. They’ll probably need a feed soon to get them through the remainder of the winter. All that beating of wings in the hive to create caribbean conditions in a corner of my cold London garden takes it out of them. We have two blocks of candy – concentrated sugar solution – to feed them in an emergency.

3 thoughts on “February Snow

  1. Ngaio

    Hello from the Antipodes ! I enjoy your blog and am also a city beekeeper, albeit a new one .. I have a blog you may be interested in – keeping bees at the other end of the world, I am extracting honey soon and then autumn will be upon us. Great photo, I hope to take more pics when I work out how to hold the smoker, hive tool, frame and camera with bulky gloves on and not drop something !!

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