Valetine’s beekeeping

Around Valetine’s Day is the beginning of the beekeeping calendar.

With the days getting longer, air max thea pas cher and the catkins on the alder and hazel out, Mochilas Kanken Classic the honeybees are starting to fly on milder days like today when the temperature hit 12 degrees at our apiary in Camley Street. Fjallraven Kanken Sale Here’s a bee having a rest on the roof of a hive after a short flight.


So myself and Brian took a romantic walk around the apiary to check how the bees have been doing over the winter.

He opened up the roof of all the hives and placed a feed of fondant over the hole in the crownboard for bees who may need it as a food supplement until more flowers are out. nike free pas chers And if we have a cold spell, Fjallraven Kanken Classic they may not be able to forage for a few weeks.


A couple of hives didn’t make it through, nike homme but the majority are looking good at the moment.

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