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Extracted honey from Battersea

Spent the moring jarring the 5 frames of honey from the Battersea hive and jarring the honey we took off the Wallington hives at the beginning of July. Now have plenty of jars of golden honey. We really must do a farmers market one day soon to free up some cupboard space.


Wallington honey

Dropped into the Wallignton site to give the hives more room for honey.
I had made up three brood boxes with foundation which I gave to the two Nationals and one of the WBCs. The other WBC has two supers and the top one was still empty so left it as it was.

This means that
National #1 has a brood, QE, Super, Brood, Super
National #2 has a brood, QE, Super, Brood
WBC #1 Brood, Super, QE, Super, Super
WBC #2 Brood, QE, Super, Brood

Took away one WBC super full of honey. Harvested the lot this afternoon - a healthy 12 kilos of 11 frames. (See my honey production tables).


Queen’s Park Local Honey

Dropped into Queen’s Park today and stole 4 frames of honey and replaced them with four frames of foundation.

This leaves the hive with a brood and two supers. The supers have 11 frames in each with 5 foundations in each. Hopefully when we get back from our hols they will all be full.

Spun the honey off this evening and got 3.75 kilos off the 4 frames.