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DIY Bee Hotel

Now’s the ideal time to make a bee hotel for solitary bees. Wooden bee hotels are easy to make if you’re good with a saw and nails (which I’m not). You can also buy them in garden centres. avis But it’s easy to make a more simple type of bee hotel with an old water bottle.

There are more than 200 different species of solitary bees. All are vital pollinators. Many are cavity nesting, so they need dark holes in which to lay their eggs in the spring onwards. They nest alone, but often next door to each. They rarely sting. Red mason bees (Osmia bicornis), blue mason bees (Osmia caerulescens) and Leafcutter bees (Megachile centuncularis) are the most common solitary bees you’ll be helping by putting up a bee hotel.

For our simple bee hotel, you’ll need String, or garden twine; a plastic drinks bottle; bamboo tubes between 4mm to 10mm, but mainly 7-8mm in diameter; a scalpel; a small hack saw if you’re going to cut the bamboo (You can buy it pre-cut here). It takes a long time to saw 50 pieces of bamboo!

How to make your solitary bee hotel Cut off the neck off the bottle with the scalpel so it measures about 16cm long. Make two small holes equal distance apart along the length of the plastic bottle. Thread the twine through allowing enough length to make a loop for hanging up. If you are cutting the bamboo, use a hack saw and cut to 15 cm. Avoid any nodules. Make sure the bamboo canes are hollow throughout including both ends.

Tightly pack your 15 cm tubes into the plastic bottle (you want them to be protected from the rain so ensure they’re not sticking out), so that they don’t fall out. You many need to push some smaller twigs or plant stems in between the tubes to wedge them in.

Where to locate your bee hotel A warm wall (south or south west facing), sheltered from the wind, 1 metre or more, off the ground. You don’t want the hotels to be shaded by overhanging trees or other vegetation, or to sway around. Suspend it with a slight tilt so the rain runs off the bottle and not into the open tubes. I’ve wedged this one into some trellis and attached the twine to a branch above.


We also use ready-made cylindrical bee hotels, which come with cardboard tubes lined with paper. Here, we have attached a number under the eaves of our south facing garden shed. We’ve also located them on corporate roof terraces alongside bee-friendly flowers.

When to put it up End of March or early April, then you will hopefully attract solitary bees that are newly emerged, have mated and are looking for somewhere to lay their eggs, like this one in the photo.

Bed and Breakfast Solitary bees are more likely to check-in to your hotel if there’s also food and drink. So ensure you grow some of the following plants in spring/early summer:

  • forget-me-not (Mysotis)
  • wallflowers (Erisymum)
  • green alkanet (Pentaglottis)
  • Pieris japonica
  • Culinary herbs including rosemary, thyme, oregano, horehound (Marrubium vulgare)
  • Cranesbill geraniums, such as Rozanne.
  • Bird’s foot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus) and St John’s Wort (Hypericum) and roses, for leafcutter bees which like to cut discs from their leaves of roses to make their nests.

You also need to leave some bare areas of soil, as red and blue mason bees will use this to make the nest, and a regularly topped up saucer/basin of water with stones in it that the bees can balance on while taking a drink. Bees can’t swim.

How do I know if my bee hotel is being used? When bees have laid their eggs in a tube, they will seal it with either mud or leaves. These tubes can be left out over winter and new bees should emerge the following spring. Looks like only one room in this bee hotel has been occupied so far.

Be patient. It may take some time for bees to know the bee hotel is there. The more bee-friendly flowers you grow the more likely you are to attract them.

Hopefully next spring you may see solitary bees emerging through the sealed mud like this little fellow.

2017 – Bee London

January is always a good time of year to look back at what Urban Bees has been doing over the last 12 months and to anticipate the coming spring.

So, looking back to 2016, there were three main themes to our work:

  • raising awareness about bees and forage through lunch ‘n’ learn workshops, talks with beekeeper friends at Kew Gardens in the amazing Hive installation, and expanding the King’s Cross Honey Club bee trail App (see the launch video here) which got lots of publicity as far a field as China
  • maintaining bee hives for a number of clients and running ‘meet the bee’ sessions for staff
  • maintaining solitary bee hotels and forage for bees and clients. And advising clients on bee forage throughout the year that’s suitable for their locations, from roof terraces to window boxes. This involves ongoing research for our Trees for Bees and Plants for Bees and other pollinators guides and trials of flowers, shrubs and trees that produce lots of nectar and pollen and are hardy, long-flowering, drought resistant and like exposed conditions.

Looking forward to this spring, we’re going to be working with more clients in 2017 to share our knowledge, advising:

  • companies how to take steps to become more bee-friendly
  • and improving London’s green infrastructure so the city provides more food and shelter for bees and other pollinators.

As we said in our 2014 Tedx talk,

Crocuses – early bee food

The crocus bulbs we plant in the autumn flower in February and early March. We love them because they bring early colour to the garden after winter. But the bumblebees love them for food. I always buy a variety with a bee-friendly label on it just in case such as Crocus tommasinianus (Best to be on the safe side these days with so many sterile plants sold just for their looks rather their ability to feed bees).

When bumblebee queens emerge after hibernating they’re often starving, so they need all the food they can find. But they only eat nectar and pollen from flowers. Nectar gives them the energy to forage for more food and to look for a good place to make a nest. Pollen is the protein-rich food they feed to their babies, after their eggs have hatched into hungry larvae.

Crocuses are among the best early flowering food for bees if they’re planted in the sun where the bees like to forage. I also plant mine under our apple tree with snow drops, because they’re natural woodland flowers and look so lovely there, but in truth it’s a bit too shady for the bees.

A patch of crocuses in a sunny corner will deliver a big meal for a queen bumblebee.

First bee on roof of 111 Buckingham Palace Road

The first bee has been spotted on the roof. It’s a fluffy white-tailed bumblebee (Bombus lucorum) collecting nectar and pollen from a Cosmos flower. This exciting news comes a few months after Urban Bees Ltd was contracted by Savills to install four planters on a corner of the roof. These wooden planters have been gradually filled with a variety of plants that will flower in succession from early spring right through to late autumn, which is when bees are out looking for food if the weather is mild and dry. Bees only eat nectar and pollen from flowers. The nectar is their energy drink ( turned into honey by honeybees), pollen is the protein food they feed to their babies.

We don’t know where this bumblebee lives, but by making a corner of the roof on 111 Buckingham Palace roof bee-friendly, we are providing a nectar refueling stop for her and any other London bees on their way home after a hard day’s foraging for food. The lose of flower-rich land as a result of urban development in towns and cities means there is less food for bees and other pollinating insects. The planters are helping to create a B-Line through Victoria by linking existing green spaces, like parks, together. It’s easier for the bees to fly from one big green space to another if they can stop off for a snack en route.

The National Pollinator Strategy for England 2014 set out a ten year plan to help pollinating insects. The planters on the roof are playing their part by feeding bees and raising awareness about their importance . Bees pollinate most of the fruits and vegetables we eat and in cities they pollinate trees and bushes that produce fruits and berries for birds, so they are a vital part of the eco-system and contribute massively towards biodiversity.

There are more than 200 species of bees in the . The honeybee lives in man-made hives, but the 24 different species of wild bumblebees and the hundreds of solitary bee species need to find a home in undisturbed holes in the ground, soil or old masonry. New construction makes nesting sites more scarce. We can help by providing ‘bee hotels’ for cavity nesting solitary bees.

Two bee hotels are attached on stands to the rooftop planters. They are packed full of small hollow tubes where solitary red mason bees (Osmia bicornus) can check in during the spring and lay their eggs. The following spring, when the weather warms up and the apple blossom is out, the new generation or red mason bees will start to emerge from the nest. They will find a mate, forage for pollen and nectar nearby, and then the female bee will look for new tube where she can lay her eggs and start the cycle all over again.

When the bees have laid a number of eggs in a tube they seal over the entrance with some mud. When the new bees emerge they eat through the mud to get out (like the pic right). Urban Bees placed some sealed tubes from another bee hotel into these ones in the hope we would see bees emerge this spring. Unfortunately, we weren’t lucky enough to see any this year. We hope to see solitary bees checking in next spring.


Image result for bumblebee on lavender In the meantime we’ll keep a look out for bees snacking in the planters. With the catmint (Nepeta) and lavenders coming into full bloom, there should be many more sightings over the summer months.

For a list of bee-friendly flowers you can grow throughout the year, go to Urban Bees forage guides.

Anyone can make a DIY ‘bee hotel’ for a garden or even a balcony.

Urban Bees improving bee forage and habitats in 2015

mason_bee_emerging masonbeeonmysotis 10.lovebees solitarybee1

We continued to work with our corporate clients Grosvenor Estates and KPMG to improve the landscape for honey bees and wild bees. A tour of Kensington Roof Gardens showed them how it’s possible to have 125 trees on a London roof top in just 18 inches of soil providing year round bee-friendly forage. We are passionate about the potential for cities to have more roofs like this to help pollinators and ourselves by increasing flood resilience and reducing pollution.

Two roofs high above Canary Wharf are now providing more forage for bees; one large green roof managed by Willerby Landscapes, where we advised on replacing some of the plants struggling in the exposed conditions with other more robust varieties that bees like, the other roof where the hives are located at KPMG now has planters containing year-round bee flowers. And thanks to Alec Butcher, landscape manager at Canary Wharf management, the few green spaces in Canary Wharf are now planted with more pollinator-friendly shrubs and flowers including holly bushes, Pulmonaria and Erysimum bowles mauve.

More bee hotels for solitary red mason bees (Osmia bicornis) to nest in are now installed across London, including on the side of our garden shed. We put a bee hotel on the roof at Weils law firm in the City, having worked with the gardener last year to improve the bee forage on the terrace. It’s used for events during the summer so isn’t suitable for hosting a hive but the company was keen to learn about how they could help wild bees instead. We gave a talk to staff about what they could do at home to provide shelter and food. We also encouraged KPMG staff at its Watford office to create a bee and bug hotel in their car park.

We gave talks and ran workshops throughout the year for corporates and local communities on how to provide better forage for wild bees (including a talk at urban gardening show, GROW ) and how to build your own bee hotel out of recycled wooden organ pipes (kindly donated by St Peter’s Church in Hackney) or out of plastic water bottles and hollow bamboo canes. One of the most enjoyable events was at the Dalston Eastern Curve garden, a weekend of Bees, Butterflies and Blooms for the Chelsea fringe. The brightly painted bee hotels are now proudly displayed on a south facing wall. We hope they will be inhabited this coming spring. As part of the weekend, we created bee ID charts that allowed visitors to spot the different bees they saw.

In King’s Cross we continued to work with youth charity, Global Generation. This year, we partnered on a Bees for a Better World project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, which introduced young people to both wild bees and forage around the urban development and on an organic farm in Wiltshire.

The HoneyClub KX Bee Trail app, developed by Honey Club members (Urban Bees, Wolff Olins and Global Generation) was the culmination of our educational work around bees and forage. The exciting app allowed visitors during August to tour London’s new development counting four species of bees at a various locations, learning about the forage and bee habitat en route and unlocking vouchers to use at bars and cafes in the area. Thanks to Des Smith, head gardener for Willerby Landscapes on the King’s Cross site, for working with us to map the bee-friendly flowers throughout the year across the development and Argent for supporting the piloting of the app.

The Urban Bees apiary continued to flourish at London Wildlife Trust’s Camley Street Nature Park, and we gave LWT volunteers an opportunity to learn more about the workings of a hive and to enjoy the honey that the bees produced over the summer.

We are also began training corporate beekeepers for a couple of new clients in central London this year.

As 2015 draws to a close with unseasonably warm weather in London allowing honeybees to forage over Christmas, and flooding in the north of England, we have to make our cities more resilient.

One of the highlights of the year was meeting planting design professor, Nigel Dunnett at the opening of the first rain garden in central London. It’s outside the HQ of the John Lewis Partnership in Victoria where Urban Bees has worked with Victoria BID to train responsible beekeepers to keep hives. The rain garden will capture rainwater runoff from surrounding buildings and slowly release it into soil, to be absorbed by 30 different types of plants and two Italian Alder trees.

By making cities more bee-friendly by planting more trees and shrubs to feed them and other pollinators, and to act as urban drainage we create a win, win for bees and for us.

Thanks to all our partners and collaborators and people that inspired us in 2015.

First rain garden in central London


Great to meet Nigel Dunnett at the opening of the John Lewis rain garden in Victoria, yesterday. Professor Dunnett is responsible for making wildflower meadows popular again following the success of his beautiful creations at the London Olympics .

The rain garden couldn’t be more different from the vibrancy and wildness of the planting in the Queen Elizabeth park. It’s smart, tidy and clean, but still includes more than 30 plants selected for their attractiveness to pollinators, and ability to cope in shade and have their roots in water. They include lots of pink Bergenia ‘Overture’, forget-me-not like blue flowers and sliver follage of Brunnera macrophylla ‘Jack Frost’, and the white brush-like flowers of Tiarella ‘Spring Symphony’. All these are in flower now. They’ll be followed later in the summer by Rudbeckia, Kniphofias (Red hot pokers) , Asters and the architectural Acanthus hungarlcus.


This is the first rain garden in central London; “a pioneering project that be the shape of the future as we adapt our urban environment to climate change”, said Dunnett. He thanked the John Lewis partnership for being “courageous” in taking the risk.

The cobbled area in front of the JLP HQ had seen problem flooding in recent years. The rain garden will help use rainwater runoff from the surrounding buildings, as well as create a biodiverse, attractive green space for people and wildlife to enjoy. It will look more attractive as it matures.

How it works – instead of rainwater runoff going into the drains which can lead to flooding after a torrential downpour, guttering has been diverted so rain water is collected and stored in a large raised planter (rather like a water butt, but with plants in it) with any overspill then slowly running into the garden itself where it will be soaked up by the plants, soil and two newly planted majestic Italian alder trees.

This seemingly simple idea took two and a half years to come to fruition and about £50k to create. It’s been designed by Nigel Dunnett, who is professor of planting design and urban horticulture at Sheffield University, and The Landscape Agency , and delivered by Landform consultants for the Victoria BID.

The project received funding and support from the Mayor of London’s Greening the BIDs project and Natural England via the Cross River Partnership regeneration agency.

Signage will be going up soon to explain to the thousands of people who pass by the area each day what the rain garden aims to achieve.

Creating homes for solitary bees

Twenty five new solitary bee homes will be going up in gardens, parks and on balconies around De Beauvoir in the next few weeks following a ‘how to make a bee hotel’ free workshop yesterday run by Urban Bees for the Hackney community.

workshoppublicity 4.busyworkshop6.paintingtable

Held at St Peter’s Church, the frames for the bee hotels were made from old, wooden organ pipes kindly donated by the church. Old floor boards were srewed in for the backing.


Local residents donated the bamboo stems, from their gardens, in which the solitary bees will hopefully make their nests come the spring.

Those confident with a hack saw cut the hollow stems into 15cm length pieces.

3.readinginstructions 2.fionasawing

For others, Brian had cut hundreds of pieces earlier in true Blue Peter style ready to fit inthe frames.


Young participants painted their bee hotels fantastic bright colours. A budding Pollock and Rothko perhaps!

7.jackpainting8.Pollockbeehotel 9.Rothkobeehotel 10.lovebees

It’s no good just taking your hotel home, fixing it firmly to a shed or wall or fence in a warm location, at least 1 metere above ground. The red mason bees need forage from March to July. It’s as important as proving habitat where they can nest and lay eggs.

So everyone left with a bee-friendly plant, mainly Forget-me-nots (myostis) from my garden which supply the solitary bees with nectar and pollen. And some pulmonaria from Diana Jackson’s garden.

11.beehabitatandforage 12.carolinebeehotelandmyotosis

Everyone had a fantastic afternoon. I gave a short talk about solitary bees – the unsung heros of the bee world.

“I never knew bees were so fascinating,” said Julia Porter, St Peter’s vicar and now a proud owner of a bee hotel made with her own hands that will go into the vicarage garden.

Hackney council gardener, Craig Davies, will be putting three up in De Beavoir Square.

Special thanks to Gillian Borrie for helping with the refreshments and Ruth Napolitano for taking donations to cover the costs of the event. And for Diana Weir for coming up with the idea in the first place.

Everyone went home very happy to be doing something positive for bees locally. The red mason bees and leafcutter bees will be emerging next month and looking for new homes. Workshop participants hope to share photos of bees checking-in to their hotels.

13.russelbeehotel completedbeehotel

This is the first of a series of events that Urban Bees will be involved in, designed to make the De Beauvoir neighbourhood of Hackney more bee and pollinator -friendly.

Valetine’s beekeeping

Around Valetine’s Day is the beginning of the beekeeping calendar.

With the days getting longer, and the catkins on the alder and hazel out, the honeybees are starting to fly on milder days like today when the temperature hit 12 degrees at our apiary in Camley Street. Here’s a bee having a rest on the roof of a hive after a short flight.


So myself and Brian took a romantic walk around the apiary to check how the bees have been doing over the winter.

He opened up the roof of all the hives and placed a feed of fondant over the hole in the crownboard for bees who may need it as a food supplement until more flowers are out. And if we have a cold spell, they may not be able to forage for a few weeks.


A couple of hives didn’t make it through, but the majority are looking good at the moment.

Solitary bees check-in to garden hotel

rowofbeehotels solitarybee1 packinginpollen

Great to see Red Mason bees (Osmia bicornis) using the solitary bee hotels we’ve put up in the garden.

solitarybee21 gettingstuckin 3completednests

The female bees emerged a few weeks ago, have mated, and are now busily laying their eggs in the hollow tubes. They forage for pollen from the flowers and pack it around each egg so when it hatches later in the summer it has plenty of food. She makes a partition wall of mud between each egg. After she’s laid eight to ten eggs in each tube, she seals the tube with mud she’s brought back to the hotel. Then she does the same in a second tube. This bee seems to have completed two tubes. She’ll keep going until she’s laid all of her eggs, which could be another three tubes.

solitarybeehouse Stephensbeehotel

Unfortunately we’ve still not heard of any reports of bees checking into the bee hotels we made at our workshop earlier in they year. They’ve been put around the neighbourhood in sunny spots but the bees have yet to find them. There may be too much dappled light in front of this second hotel.


As well as suitable habit, the Red mason bees need food.

Haggerston hotels

haggerston1 Two bee hotels from the bee hotel workshop at St Peter’s have now found a home in Haggerston Park. LBH gardeners, Andy and Brian, helped Brian from Urban Bees, put them in a nice sunny spot.

haggerston3 They are high up, away from dog walkers and other park users.

haggerston4 The hollow bamboo stems should attract the lovely Osmia bicornis (Red Mason Bees) who will shortly be emerging from their winter slumber. Hopefully they will be checking into the wooden-framed hotel filled with bamboo stems later this month.

This is what an Osmia bicornis looks like. redmansonbee She’s browner and slightly rounder than a honey bee, but a lot smaller and less cuddly than a bumble bee. She does have a sting,

Nancy’s bee hotel occupied




Nancy fixed the bee hotel she made at St Peter’s Church in February to her garden’s very warm south facing wall. We saw it today, when she opened her lovely garden as part of the Open Garden Scheme. And we were thrilled to see that about five of the bamboo tubes were sealed with mud, which means Red Mason bees have checked-in and laid their eggs here.

Next year there could be as many as 30 bees emerging from the nest in the early spring,

Home… sweet home

The first solitary bee hotels – made at last week’s community workshop – are put in place in De Beauvoir Square.



Brian at Urban Bees and Craig, the Hackney gardener who maintains De Beauvoir, are putting up a couple of the bee hotels on the south facing wall of the building in the square. It’s a nice sheltered sunny spot.

Craig is proudly showing off the new hotels he made with bamboo from local gardens and the wooden organ pipes kindly donated from De Beauvoir church.


Now we just have to wait for some warmer weather to see if the solitary bees, mainly Red Mason bees,

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“For the intelligence community

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But only “several” employees and managers were fired even

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Wouldn want to be coming home canada goose kensington parka uk

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canada goose uk outlet “From its inception, Susan B. Anthony List has been completely dedicated to protecting the first right without which no other rights matter: the right to life,”the group’s president, Marjorie Dannenfelser, said in a statement. “Therefore, we refrain from public comment on immigration and many other topics, including other policies that impact families.”. canada goose uk outlet

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canada goose A friend suggested he try to make it through Mexico and into the United States, where he could earn enough money to help support canada goose discount uk his wife and four children he was leaving behind. His youngest daughter was just two months old. When Border Patrol picked him up crossing into Arizona, he’d been thankful just to have a sip of water. canada goose

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Canada Goose Outlet For more in depth explanations canada goose parka uk of the rules, view sticky!Because many people (at least where I live) act just like him and like that he “shutting up the fat cat libtards”. I have to deal with the people who fight like him all the time. They just yell louder and interrupt you and if you prove them wrong they run Canada Goose Outlet.

Benavidez is een +2000, wat betekent dat als je $ 100 inzet,

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Echte wereldstudies is een extra specialisatie die heeft

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These items are often ones that consumers don need

14 Million Settlement With Auto Dealerships For Deceptive Practices of Inflated Car Prices

canada goose coats Albany, NY June 17, 2015 Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman today announced a multi million dollar settlement with three car dealerships, Paragon Motors of Woodside, Inc., d/b/a Paragon Honda; Worldwide Motors Ltd., d/b/a Paragon Acura; and Civic Center Motors Ltd., d/b/a White Plains Honda. The agreement, which returns more than $13.5 million in restitution to consumers, concludes an investigation buy canada goose jacket cheap into these dealerships for alleged unlawful sale of credit repair and identity theft prevention services, and other items to 15,000 consumers items that in some cases added more than $2,000 in hidden costs and fees onto the sale or lease price of a single vehicle. The Paragon dealerships, which are jointly owned, claim to be the largest combined Honda dealership in the country. Under a consent order agreement signed by the company, they will also pay $325,000 in penalties, fees and costs to New York State. canada goose coats

canada goose clearance consumers shop for a car, they deserve to be dealt with honestly and fairly and not to be misled by auto dealers who use deceptive tactics to fleece their own customers, Attorney General Schneiderman said. York consumers canada goose uk black friday must beware: Car dealerships sometimes pad their pockets by charging for worthless after sale items, which inflate the price of their car. These items are often ones that consumers don need, did not ask for and often canada goose coats are not even told about. Businesses need to make a profit to survive, but it illegal Canada Goose Jackets to do so by duping consumers. As part of the wider investigation, Attorney General Schneiderman Consumer Frauds Bureau recently obtained a consent order that shut down Credit Forget, Inc. (CFI), a New York company that sold the unlawful credit repair and identity theft prevention services to car dealerships. The dealerships turned around and canada goose black friday sale sold those service contracts at a higher price. It is a violation of state and federal law to charge upfront fees for services that promise to help consumers uk canada goose restore or improve their credit, and contracts that violate the law are void. Autoworld, Inc., d/b/a Generation Kia in Bohemia, Suffolk County, after an investigation found the company fraudulently sold CFI services and other after sale products. As part of that agreement, reached earlier this year, Generation Kia, made $16,000 in payments reimbursing 24 consumers. That restitution is profits the company made off consumers related to the unlawful CFI contracts they sold. In addition, the company paid more than $20,000 in restitution to a dozen other consumers who were subjected to deceptive business practices. Generation Kia also paid a $5,000 penalty. The settlement Canada Goose Outlet requires Generation Kia to stop using deceptive and misleading sales tactics and to provide documents and disclosures required by law, including the itemization of the cost of after sale items in sale and lease agreements. canada goose clearance

cheap Canada Goose car is one of the biggest purchases many consumers make and we must do everything we can to protect them from unscrupulous auto dealers, said Department of Consumer Affairs Commissioner, Julie Menin. has taken an innovative and aggressive approach, investigating dealers relationships with banks, creating a safe, affordable and transparent auto loan, and obtaining restitution for consumers harmed by predatory actors. We thankful to the Attorney General for his hard hitting actions against businesses that are deceiving New York see this page Canada Goose UK City consumers. The Paragon dealers, all of which are owned by the same individuals, claim to sell or lease approximately 1,000 new and used vehicles a month. According to the investigation, and starting in at least March 2010, Paragon entered into an arrangement with CFI to sell its customers CFI credit repair and identify theft protection services. Every time Paragon charged a consumer for these services they violated state and federal laws banning upfront fees for these services. cheap Canada Goose

buy canada goose jacket The agreement requires Paragon to pay $6 million into a restitution fund administered by a third party administer to be distributed to Paragon consumers with CFI contracts and to provide each of the about 15,000 consumers with a $500 card that can be applied to one or more of the following from Paragon: buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose sale the purchase or lease of any new or used vehicle; Canada Goose sale

canada goose clearance sale certain services or maintenance, such as oil changes, tire rotations, tire repairs, and wheel alignments; or canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose online certain accessories, such as mats and replacement windshield wipers. Canada Goose online

The Attorney General investigation found that Paragon used fraudulent, deceptive, and illegal methods to sell the approximately 15,000 CFI contracts to consumers. After a consumer worked Canada Goose Online with a salesperson to choose a car, they met with a Insurance Manager Canada Goose Parka who attempted canada goose coats on sale to sell them additional products such Canada Goose Coats On Sale as extended warranties, a security system and credit repair services. cheap canada goose uk In many instances, the investigation showed, Paragon simply charged consumers for the credit repair services and concealed that they were charging consumers. In others instances, Paragon Canada Goose online allegedly falsely told consumers, who said they did not need or want the services, that buy canada goose jacket the services were free. Some consumers were sold the services without their knowledge despite the fact that they canada goose uk shop had excellent credit.

Canada Goose Jackets In addition to charging consumers for credit repair and identity theft prevention services without canada goose clearance their knowledge or consent, the Paragon dealers added on charges for other after sale items, like tire protection and Lo Jack, without clearly disclosing what they were charging for such items. The costs of these items were often bundled into the vehicle sale price and not separately itemized. As a result, often unbeknownst to the consumer, the price of the car stated on purchase and lease documents was inflated by the amount of these after sale items. Canada Goose Jackets

The Attorney General investigation further found that the dealerships failed to provide required disclosures, such as a consumer rights to cancel the credit repair services contract. In addition, the dealerships sometimes negotiated purchase and lease terms with consumers in Spanish and then only provided contracts and documents in English. New York City law requires that when the terms of an installment agreement are negotiated in Spanish, the seller must provide documents translated in Spanish.

buy canada goose jacket cheap The settlement prohibits Paragon from: buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose Outlet Selling, offering to sell or marketing credit repair and identity theft services canada goose factory sale in connection with the sale or lease of a vehicle; Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose store Selling, offering for sale, or providing to consumers any after sale product or service unless, prior to such sale, certain material terms, including price, are disclosed verbally and in writing; canada goose store

canada goose black friday sale Misrepresenting the price of the vehicle in final lease or sale contracts; canada goose black friday sale

canada goose coats on sale Negotiatingany terms of a sale or lease with a consumer in a language other than English without providing a translation of certain material documents in the language in which the terms were negotiated before the consumer signs these documents; canada goose coats on sale

Failing to provide consumers with sales or lease Canada Goose sale agreements that clearly and conspicuously itemize each after sale product or service and its price.

canada goose The Attorney General consent order with Credit Forget It and its two principals, Damien Bullard and Michael canada goose store E. Morgan, dissolves the company, enjoins it and its principals from marketing, promoting, selling, or engaging in the services business in violation of the law uk canada goose outlet or from misrepresenting the services they offer. It requires Credit Forget It and its principals to instruct all dealerships to whom they distributed contracts for credit repair services for sale to consumers to stop selling these services and to remove all promotional materials and contracts from their dealerships. It further orders the dissolution of Credit Forget It. If Credit Forget It and its principals do not comply with these terms, they must pay $2 million. They failed to provide sufficient time for consumers to review their financing documents and sometimes failed to give consumers copies of those documents, and enticed consumers to enter into high monthly payments with the false promise that the consumer could refinance in six months. canada goose

The Attorney General also served notice of his intent to sue eleven automobile dealerships who allegedly engaged in similar practices. They are:

canada goose deals Westchester Autoplex, Inc. d/b/a Honda of New Rochelle, 25 East Main Street, New Rochelle, NY; canada goose deals

G. Hylan Motors Corp d/b/a Staten Island Honda and Staten Island Nissan, 1232 and 1220 Hylan Boulevard, Staten Island, New York.