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Welcome to Urban Bees

Urban Beekeeping in LondonHoney Bees are one of nature's wonders. They make honey and pollinate the plants in the process.

We have trained and educated people to become responsible beekeepers in an urban environment.

We are currently working with the Co-operative Group, the London Wildlife Trust, Victoria Business Improvement District, Tower Hamlet's Cemetry Park, Global Generation and The Honey Club to train new beekeepers and maintain hives across the capital.

We are pleased to be involved with the Co-operative's Plan Bee to address the decline in pollinators.

Bees do well in the city due to the variety of plants in the city’s parks, railway sidings and tree-lined roads and urban dwellers enjoy their delicious honey. Since honeybees are gentle creatures which eat only pollen and nectar they can, with careful planning and preparation, live side by side with you and your neighbours.

We encourage people and businesses to plant more pollinator friendly forage.

Beekeeping courses

Click here for our next Beekeepng Taster Course.

Beekeeping forage

Click here for our Trees for Bees guide.

Bee Map

Our new map, Hive Talkin, in conjunction with the Co-operative's Plan Bee, shows the location of land available for beekeepers, beekeeping supplies and people running courses.

Looking through our Battersea Hive

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Bee friendly flower suppliers

Bees on ivy

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